Quiet Understanding

If you only knew, the emotions we go through;

The trouble we have, knowing if you are too

Hot or too cold

Or happy or sad

Or just want your mummy or should it be dad?

Is your tummy hurting?

Is your nappy wet?

We don’t have the answers but this should be said:

We love you more than we knew existed

And we’re pretty sure you’re incredibly gifted!


If you only knew mum how much I love you,

for giving me life and keeping me healthy.

I know I can’t speak but I’m doing my best

to keep you updated on how I am feeling.

Sometimes I get angry, it’s nothing you’ve done,

I just haven’t learnt to control my emotions.

Don’t take it to heart if I sleep on my dad,

it’s just that his smell does less to distract.

Don’t think I don’t love, you because of this fact;

you grew me, gave life to me and keep me intact.

So know that I love you, continue to teach me

and one day I hope to become a version of you.

© 2017. The Preambling Poet


The Reality of Rainbows

Are rainbows real or just an illusion;

A trick of the light, refracted confusion?

Put there to distract, from the soggy damp day,

A cheerful reminder that light likes to play.

An intangible marvel, full of intrigue and magic.

Begging to be touched, if only I could catch it.

A multicoloured streak, out of the mist.

If I wasn’t looking though, would it even exist?

© 2017. The Preambling Poet

Parting Words

I awoke this morning to a red mackerel sky.

You never even said goodbye.

I knew it wouldn’t last forever,

this warm embrace of settled weather.

But did you have to go so soon?

I’ll miss your scent, your sweet perfume;

Your gentle breath, a calming breeze,

even though it made me sneeze.

I’ll miss the long days, spent just reading

or in the garden, attempting weeding.

Those humid nights, the occasional moon,

open windows in every room.

The endless blue sky’s and thundery showers,

sometimes they would last for hours

but that didn’t matter, I didn’t care,

it always went back to being fair.

I assume I’ll see you again, one day,

perhaps sometime just after May?

In the meantime, I’ll wrap up warm

and make the most of every storm.

© 2017. The Preambling Poet


My mind’s a mess,

My thoughts digress.

Jumbled words best left unsaid.

A tangled web in disarray.

Confused, I forget how to say;

The simple things, the important things.

Sometimes I wish my soul had wings.

A dark abyss filled with dreams.

Infinite space, not always what it seems.

All this turmoil makes me weary;

And I thought that chaos was just a theory?

© 2017. The Preambling Poet

Enjoy the journey

If I had a map, a sheet of facts, to guide me from this day to that. Surely I could rest, kick back, relax. I’d know what was coming and how to react.

But what if I didn’t want to know about tomorrow? What if it only held upset and sorrow? What if I knew I would definitely succeed; would it take the fun out of trying or just be relief?

If I had a manual or a number to phone, to fix any problems, answer questions unknown. I would know all the answers never be surprised. Surely that’s the key to feeling alive?

What if my world was decided already? One journey, one ending, a path nice and steady. Like a painting by numbers that’s been completed. What if I don’t want nineteen to be green; would I feel cheated?

Is the enjoyment in life just getting to the end or is it the experiences we face, the books that we lend; the friends that we make, the risks that we take, the impromptu swim in an ice cold lake? The trying and failing and trying again, risking no coat when there’s a chance it could rain.

It’s nice not knowing but preparing instead, plan for the worst and hope for the best. My choice of where to go, how fast to take each bend. Would I bother to start though, if knew how it ends?

© 2017. The Preambling Poet